Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course

* Advanced Hapkido Home Study

Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course: Back in early 2020 I launched the original Hapkido Home Study Course. And I was shocked at just how many people were very interested in this project!  

With that in mind today I am announcing the Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course! 

This all new downloadable course will pickup where the original left off! Where is that? At the level of 1st Dan Black Belt and beyond!

This course is for a 1st Dan Black Belt in my art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido who wishes to grade to 2nd Dan Black Belt.

The course includes everything you need to accomplish this goal. Plus full support from me and my son Master Scott Mason.

What will be involved in the Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course?

  • Kata for 2nd Dan Black Belt and beyond
  • Advanced self defense techniques based on both pressure points & octagon movement
  • Entire foundation movement for all levels
  • Locks, throws and joint manipulation!
  • And MUCH MORE!

Advanced Hapkido Home Study is a
Black Belt Certification Course

Please note this is an Advanced course in my eclectic root art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido. It is not recommended unless you have take the beginners course first. And you must have a 1st Dan Certificate from me to grade for 2nd Dan.


There is no the art quite like this and presents decades of study. This is not the full curriculum as it does not include Octagon or Kyusho Jitsu training directly. Also this is still being taught on my former Dojo's training floor and the program is now in expansion internationally very soon. Most of all when you take the time to study another martial art you expand your horizons. Plus this will open your mind to understand many things in your root art you may have missed before.


This is a full certification course with information up to a 2nd Dan Black Belt test. However certification, while included is not a requirement. And the best news is I fully support this and all my other courses personally via email.

 Therefore I strongly encourage questions. In the future I may expand this course to include an international instructor certification. Hence this course is also a great opportunity!

Most of all the Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course is a

Black Belt Certification Course

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Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course
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