Beginners Octagon Certification Course

*Beginners Octagon Certification Course

Back in 2000 I met a man in Toronto who as we attended a Cane Masters Seminar he was hosting, talked about the Natural Laws of the Octagon and an art called Kosho Ryu.

That man was Shidoshi Richard Buchan. Soon we became close friends and I began to pursue this very rare teaching. So back in the year 2000 the Beginners Octagon Certification Course was born.

This is a beginners course looking at the self defense principles of the Octagon and how Kyusho Jitsu works within it.

As I know most of you are aware the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu exists on all martial art systems.

The theories of the Octagon are part of an ancient art called Kosho Shorie Ryu Kempo. And now I am bringing this information to you!

Today most of the systems who refer to the Octagon have abandoned it. Yet it is one of the most effective systems for self defense. To quote James Mitosi "In True Self Defense there is not Body Contact." And once these principles and natural laws are learned and applied. Then incorporated with Kyusho Jitsu, the results are amazing.

Now I am bringing you the Beginners Octagon Certification Course to help quantum leap your understanding of the martial arts in general. Connect the dots and let you see the unlimited potential of learning!

In this Beginners Octagon Course we will discuss:
* Beginners Octagon Certification Course

The following important concepts and theories on the Octagon are discussed in the videos

  • 12-6-3 Theory of Attack
  • Caging
  • Triangular Alignment
  • Zig Zag Motion / No Motion
  • String Theory
  • Skeletal Freezing
  • And many, many more Natural Laws!

Beginners Octagon Certification Course

This all new video, with detailed training on the physical aspects and movement of the Octagon is now available! This is information you can take and apply to any martial art systems of training. But beware! The only way to master this knowledge is to do the application training in this video!

In lue of the Kosho Shorei Ryu Instructor Course
coming in 2022 this course is no longer available
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