Dim Mak Project Course​s

Welcome to information on the Dim Mak Project Courses.  ​Currently we now have 2 different Dim Mak Development Courses available to you! The first which is below is our Novice Dim Mak Development Course. This course is now online and you can start immediately! All courses are 3 months in length, each advancing to the next! You can also study at your leisure and a certificate of completion is given after a quiz at the end of the each course!

​The Intermediate Dim Make Development Course is now in the preregistration phase. it is listed toward the bottom of this page!

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Novice Course ​Now ​Online!

The Novice Dim Mak ​is now ONLINE and ready for you to join us! This course will contain new content ever ​3 days for 3 months. After completing the beginners course you can be eligible to join the next level​ when it is announced!.  It will only be available to graduates of the novice program.

​You can register from below and start immediately! After registration you will receive and email with our logon information. Check your SPAM folder if you don't see it. There will be your first lesson immediately ready when you come online! Therefore the sooner you register the better so you won't miss this great opportunity!

It is recommended that for this course you have a copy of the Dim Mak Project eBook for reference. 


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Intermediate Dim Mak Course

​This all new Intermediate Dim Mak Development Course picks up where the Novice Course leaves off. We will be focusing on take the knowledge from the Novice course and applying it to your martial art style or system.  Some of the topics covered in this course will be:

  1. Advanced Vibrating Palm Strikes
  2. Applying the principles of attack (Alarm Points, 24 Hour Cycle, etc)
  3. Beginning Iron Palm training
  4. Advanced Chi Work! *Body protection (iron shirt)
  5. How to strike for a delayed reaction
  6. And Much more!

Plus as a BONUS you will receive a copy of my coming eBook called "Dim Mak Theories to Street Applications" upon release totally FREE! Right now we are offering a great deal for anyone who wishes to "preregister" for the May 15th 2018 launch a GREAT Price!

This 3 month Online Course will be normally priced for $79.97,
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ONLY $49.97!

Dim Mak Project Novice Course