Dim Mak Project Novice Course​

Welcome to information on the Dim Mak Project Novice Course.  Based on the overwhelming interest in the theories of Dim Mak we will be offering a Novice or Introductory course.

This will be a 3 month course getting you started on the path to learning about Dim Make sometimes referred to as the "death touch." It will not be traditional Dim Mak, but will be based on the work I have done researching the art.  I do not claim any lineage in Dim Mak. I only based the information I have discovered on my years in Kyusho Jitsu.

Course Startup

The Novice Dim Mak will begin on January 15th 2018. It will contain new content ever few days for 3 months. After completing the beginners course you can be eligible to join the next level.

There will be an advanced registration that will begin on Black Friday. This will run for a short time, then registration will be based on the regular price.  Therefore the sooner you register the better.

It is recommended that for this course you have a copy of the Dim Mak Project eBook for reference. 

However if you Register NOW you will pay
ONLY $​79.97
for all 3 months!

​This Weekend ONLY Save $30!
​ONLY $49.97!


Dim Mak Project Novice Course