Dim Mak Project Course​s

Welcome to information on our Dim Mak Project Courses.  We have 2 courses available for study. The first which is below is our Novice Dim Mak Development Course. This course is now online and you can start immediately! All courses are 3 months in length, each advancing to the next! You can also study at your leisure and a certificate of completion is given after a quiz at the end of the each course!

The second course, formerly called the Intermediate Dim Mak Project Development Course is being updated and revamped for release very soon! This will become an advanced study in Dim Mak.

What is Dim Mak?

Dim Mak is an ancient study of the human body and is sometimes referred to as the "Touch of Death." There are many legends and much folklore that surrounds Dim Mak. However this is not the purpose of the Dim Mak Project. I am approaching this from the ideal that Dim Mak is a high level enhancement to the study of the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu.

This is how we will explore this topic in these 2 courses. 

Each course is approximately 3 months in length and has certificate of completion for anyone who does the testing. These are not Black Belt or Certification Courses but rather information courses to enhance your martial art study.

Right now you can purchase each course for ONLY $49.97 for the entire 3 months duration. After this time you will still have access to all the materials for future reference. Below are links to learn more about each course.

Novice Dim Mak Project Course
Advanced Dim Mak Project Course

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Dim Mak Project Novice Course