​Humane Pressure Point Tactics

​What  are Humane Pressure Point Tactics?

Would you like to have the ability to take control of a bad situation, perhaps prevent the violence from occurring?  How about begin able to walk down the streets at night knowing you are prepared for what hopefully will never happen?

Then keep reading!

There is a method of using pressure points to control a situation before it becomes violent or immediately after. Also this is an all new certification course that comprises of 3 levels.  Therefore this is essential information for any martial arts student or instructor who is concerned about the escalating violence on the streets today in our "surveillance" society. It is also perfect for a novice with little to no experience in self defense.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Certification

The Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Certification is now online at Kyusho Jitsu University! This is a full certification course for personal knowledge as well as teaching certification.  It will cover the following types of situations.

  • Basic anatomy with reference to painful pressure points
  • ​Using angles to control a disruptive person therefore prevent attack
  • Removing a disruptive person from the ​area.
  • Restraining a disruptive person until the authorities arrive
  • Assessing situations for use of proper force.
  • Verbal skills to de-escalate a confrontation
  • Legals implications of Self Defense 

This will be approximately a one month online video course! Also I will supply a digital certificate after brief examination you can print as proof of certification and completion. This will also be the authorization to teach our H.P.P.T Course under the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. 

All new bonus footage coming from the RMATC!

I am recording some of the footage of the H.P.P.T sessions I am teaching at the RMATC this weekend here in Brasov! This will ONLY be available in the Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses! Don't miss this bonus!

For a short time you can register for the HPPT Level One Course for a FRACTION of the price!

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 Humane Pressure ​Point Tactics Level Two Certification

Level Two Certification is online. This second level will address  escalated situations where the defender must remain within the law of "reasonable force" in self defense.  You can register anytime for this course!

This course will cover the follow.

  • Probability of a weapon present by not seen
  • Death threats having been made
  • There has been a punch thrown or other form of aggression present other than verbal
  • Dealing with persons who are intoxicated or in a drug induced state
  • Defenders who are required and restricted by law as to amount of force being able to be used
  • More information to come soon!

This course is ONLY $29.97!!

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HPPT Level Three Certification

Level Three Certification is now ONLINE! This course will deal with the use of Humane Pressure Points after the situation has become violent, but but a weapon has been seen or there are multiple attackers.

Because of the critical situations that will be discussed and demonstrated completion of Level 1 and 2 are a must. Therefore they are a prerequisite.

Your will learn about:

  • Dealing with robbery or assault at gun point
  • Knife attacks
  • Bat or long range weapon attacks
  • Mass attacks, two or more people!
  • Specific training to deal with edged weopons
  • Special training for 2 to 20 people attacking.

This course contains critical information for high escalation self defense situations!
ONLY Price $29.97!

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Sensei Ali

Sensei Ali

Sensei Ali

Martial Arts Teacher

A Testimonial

I have been training in martial arts, since 1997 and in pressure points for the past 2 years. 

About 10 months of that with Grand Master Art Mason. In my duration, I have completed my 1st DAN Black Belt under KJWA and now nearing completion of my 2nd DAN.  And I have also been teaching Pressure Point Training for the past 1 year. 

I am completely hooked on pressure points and will never go back to training without pressure point in my attacks.

So I would like to share my experience with these programs that can hopefully help others in making a clear decision to get certified in HPPT.

I have completed the First and Second levels of the HPPT program and now completing level 3.

Also I currently hold a Black Belt in Ninjutsu and during my training we were repeatedly taught to break elbows, take out someone's knees, break wrists, etc.  I believe this type of training is across board and taught by Sensei of other Martial Arts.

However, what was disregarded was the aspect of the law, such as the legal ramifications of breaking someone's arm.  What was also left out in my previous training was the true meaning of Self-Defense vs. Fighting and how that affects me in the Court System.

This is where the Humane Pressure Points Programs came in.  

HPPT Courses

I learned the true meaning of humane and how to properly defend myself on the street and in the courts.  This extends, not only to the street but in the classroom or at the office. 

The law is the law no matter what country you live in.

Yes, we do have the right to defend ourselves, however we do have limits and understanding these limits is what will set us apart from being In-Human vs. Humane in our Defense or whether we go to jail or not.

The level certifications taught by Grand Master Art Mason are very carefully laid out and the instructions are clear and precise.

Every lesson builds on the previous lesson and because these are video lessons you can watch them again and again as required.

The difference with Grand Master Art's approach to the HPPT training is that whether you have NEVER trained in martial arts you will definitely still benefit from it.

"Be nice until it's time not to be nice." A famous quote from an old movie. However, what was left out was when it is time not to be nice? And how to recognize the signs for it?  Well, HPPT will clearly identify that for you and you will know.

I have thoroughly enjoyed GM Art Mason's programs and I have benefited tremendously from them as well as I have passed the knowledge that I have learned to my students as well as to my own children.

I highly recommend these 3 level certifications to everyone for the purpose of defending themselves or their family.

Thank you and keep training.


These courses are based on the Certifications of H.P.P.T I have under Kyusho International Alliance in Canada. They however are being expanded to include other materials related to those certifications. If you would like to learn more about these courses offered by Grand Master Steve Stewart you can do so from this LINK.