Kosho Ryu Home Study Course

* Kosho Ryu Home Study Course

Kosho Ryu Home Study Course: First of all Kosho Ryu an ancient martial art that can be traced back about 800 years. Learn the History of Kosho Ryu here.

And it a preparatory art rather then a reactionary art. Firstly it is the art of escape. 

Secondly Kosho is the understanding of motion and the Natural Laws of the universe as they pertain to movement and therefore TRUE Self Defense.  

Welcome to information on my Kosho Ryu Home Study Course.

Most of all this optionally a Black Belt Certification Course. You are not required to do the certification if you do not wish too. You can use this course of informational purposes only. There is no art like Kosho Ryu. And in truth Kosho is a study, and not only a martial art. 

Very important to understand is that Kosho Ryu is a complete martial art. Martial Arts taught today have been water down for the western world as well as the teaching of children.  Most arts today have a shelf life of about 3-5 years but not to create lifelong students. Kosho is a life time study. 

Kosho Home Study Course is ageless?

What do I mean by this statement? Today the martial arts taught in the wild are mostly for the young. Begin sport orientated they focus on physical fitness and strength. These are level that cannot be maintained for a lifetime. Most of all with Kosho you get better with age! And also size and sex do not matter. 

There is no other art being taught today that is like Kosho Shorei Ryu

Kosho Ryu Home Study Course includes?
* Advanced Octagon Certification Course

Let's take a look at what is found in this massive downloadable course!

  • Study of the angles of the Octagon
  • 12-6-3 theory
  • 4 walls concept.
  • Triangulation
  • Caging principles
  • Chi Healing Arts 
  • Kosho Insights
  • Shodo Writing arts
  • Kosho Kata 
  • History
  • Over 30 videos plus documentation in PDF format
  • Price includes Grading
  • And too much more to list!
  • New content added on a regular basis!

Being this is a certification course there will also be a curriculum to follow for certification. However you are welcome to consume the content anyway you wish. And you will need to watch all the videos many times! The course will be a combination of video and written content. Kosho is a lifelong study!

Most of all this Course includes everything you need to reach Black Belt rank and beyond.  The study of Kosho is a lifetime study! 

Kosho Ryu Home Study Grading

There will be an opportunity to grade for students who are interested. These grading will be held 2 times per year. The student will be notified of the chance to grade during these times. Important to note the Kosho Ryu Home Study Course is all inclusive and includes as part of it your first grading.  

Pressure Points in Kosho

Plus being that I am a Kyusho Jitsu teacher, and pressure points found naturally in Kosho, your Kyusho understanding will grow exponentially.  If you have Kyusho knowledge this will be of great benefit but it is not required.  Your understanding of pressure point / meridian systems will be expanded greatly!

And if you are not sure this course is right for you, then take a look at my Introduction to Kosho Course. This short course can help you to decide if Kosho Ryu is right for you!

This is a "Living" Course

What do I mean that the Kosho Home Study Course is living? I am myself currently still seeking knowledge and learning Kosho Shorei Ryu. As my knowledge expands so does this course. And there is no additional cost to the student for the extra content being added over time. 

I am no longer offering this course to the public
However learn about my Kosho Core Concepts Series below

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