Kosho Ryu Instructor Certification

* Kosho Ryu Instructor Certification

Kosho Ryu Instructor Certification: Kosho Ryu an ancient martial art that can be traced back about 800 years is the art of escape. The understanding of motion and the Natural Laws of the universe as they pertain to movement and TRUE Self Defense.  

Coming in MID to Late 2022 is the Level One Kosho Shorie Ryu Instructor Certification Course.

The release date is an estimate, however I will update this as soon as I know more. 

I do recommend my Mastering the Octagon book also.

This course includes

  • Study of the angles of the Octagon
  • 12-6-3 theory
  • 4 walls and other physiological laws.
  • Triangulation
  • Caging principles
  • Healing arts including massage
  • Writing arts
  • Kosho Kata 
  • History
  • And too much more to list!

I will expand this page soon! So stay tuned for more!

Being this is an instructors course there will also be a curriculum to follow for certification. The course will be a combination of video and written content. 

Course levels include Kyu Ranks as well as Black Belt rank. This is a large complete course that will take time to complete. The study of Kosho is a lifetime study! And the course will grow and expand over time with new materials begin added continuously! You will never find a better opportunity to learn.

Plus being that I am a Kyusho Jitsu teacher, and pressure points are taught in Kosho I will be expandind this part of the course far beyond any other Kosho Ryu course. 

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