Kosho Ryu Learning Library

* Kosho Ryu Learning Library

Welcome to the Kosho Ryu Learning Library from Kyusho Jitsu University! Are you interested in learning the ancient complete martial art of Kosho Shorei Ryu? But you just do not really know how to get started? Then the Kosho Ryu Learning and Development Library may be the perfect solution for you! 

In this Online Course you will receive a new Kosho Concept to learn each month, and in the correct order for the best possible learning.

And each month will build on the information and teaching from the previous month. This way you will get all you need, and without any stress of timelines or other obstacles.

Kosho Ryu Learning Library

Kosho can be an overwhelming subject to learn. But in this Kosho Ryu Learning Library I will break it all down to logical steps, fed to you in the proper order for best learning. And because Kosho Ryu is not a style of martial art but a complete study you will get a vast amount of information from this continuous learning course.

Each month you will learn a new concept, and each concept will include many different videos. Typically speaking you will get one video per week to study, and sometimes more depending on the concept. It does not matter when you begin your study as it is based on 30 days of enrollment.

In the first year you will learn all the Kosho Ryu Basic Core Concepts, and then move on to the Advanced Kosho Core Concepts:

Here is what is covered in the first year of Kosho Ryu Learning Library.
  • Introduction to Kosho Ryu
  • Skeletal Freeze Theory
  • Kosho Triangulation Theory
  • Nage Concepts
  • Atemi Waza
  • Uke Waza
  • Geri Waza
  • Caging Theory
  • Strings Theory
  • Gamae
  • Kote or Wrist Lock Waza
  • Bunkai
  • And even more afterwards!

And that is just in the first year! And now for the great news! You can enroll now in the Kosho Ryu Learning Library and start right this second for ONLY $27.00 per month. And remember as you progress all the previous months content is still there waiting for you to review! Plus I will be expanding this course as we go forward. But that is all included in this low monthly price. 

This Kosho Shorie Ryu Learning Library is about half the price of buying each course separately. This is a month to month commitment and you can cancel at any time! There is no obligation or commitments. And wit the Kosho Ryu Learning Library you can learn at your own pace. 

Enroll NOW!!

ONLY $27 /Month

The Kosho Ryu Learning Library is an amazing opportunity to learn Kosho Ryu. And it is also very important to understand that Kosho Ryu is not a martial art, it is a study. It does not teach basic foundation like in other martial arts, but rather theories, principles and concepts that you learn to apply. If you are totally new to Kosho visit get a free copy of my Kosho Ryu Beginners Guide here

People are always afraid to learn. It is hard on the ego. But once you get over this the benefits are beyond measure. And I have heard it all before. The excuses. 

Today money is the big excuse, and this can be true, but 99% of the time it is a discipline issue. Even during my hardest financial times I always trained. Because that is about self improvement. When I improve myself those around me benefit. And when I look at the masses in the wild. McDonald's Drive Thru is always busy.  Pay yourself first is the rule. Pay for the coffee another time. 

The second excuse is age. That is simply false. Age is only a number. You can learn all your life and I am proof of this. In my 60's I am learning a NEW language which I will have to take an exam in. It is desire not age!

"Never say never" is one of my favorite saying. In Romanian, my new second language this is "Niciodată să nu spui niciodată." And no I did not use Google translate.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

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