Hapkido Cane Defense System

* Hapkido Cane Defense System:

Hapkido Cane Defense System: 

There is only one weapon taught in traditional Hapkido and that is the walking cane. One of the very best self defense tools for the street the cane is only tool of its kind you can take on an airplane with you!

And you cannot legally be asked to check it. I have carried mine on many domestic and international flight.

Plus today with the escalation of violent crime in our world Hapkido Cane Defense System is an important understanding and training system.

Hapkido Cane Defense System

So, how does cane link to Kyusho Jitsu? Best of all, once understood properly and implement with the principles found in Hapkido and Kosho Ryu the cane becomes a extension of the elements of the body. And cane can be made from wood or metal, and this matters. You will learn all about some of the Kyusho Jitsu aspects too!

Therefore this course is really not new. It has been taught in my Dojo in Canada for years. But now I will expand upon it and presented to you.  Based on many different systems from my root art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido this one is a must have for every martial artists! (Some basic cane is covered in my Hapkido Home Study Course)

Let's face it, martial artists live an intense life! We train hard and injuries happen! Age comes for us all! Eventually we all need a cane! I have needed on 3 times in my life! Have a look at the video below for more course details.

What is covered?

This is a course from beginner to advanced level with a cane. Below is a breakdown of some of what I will be covering.

1) Strength Building exercises with a cane
2) Control of the cane
3) Cane Locks and Throws
4) Cane Strikes
5) Implementation of Kyusho Principles into all of the above
6) Beginners Octagon Principles with the Cane
7) And a few surprises (Small Circle Principles)

This is a downloadable Certificate Course which is why it is here at Kyusho Jitsu University. You will find Hapkido Cane Defense System a great course to add right now to your Dojo curriculum! And to teach to those who use canes in real life like seniors or other where walking unassisted is a challenge.


And this is a must have for all martial artists today. Most of all you do not need to be disabled to carry a cane!  And legally no one can ask you why you are carrying one. Consequently today governments across the world are overreaching in the "authority" however their actions are UNLAWFUL. Therefore if someone asks you why you use a cane tell them straight out "IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS."

Hence it is the perfect self defense too for today's streets. 

I also suggest the
Hapkido Home Study Course, however not a requirement.

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You will need a cane and I suggest contacting Cane Master as they are the very best for training and street use. 

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