Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation

* Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation

Welcome to my Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation Video Course information! Because you asked for it! And for the first time my Complete Kyusho Chi Resuscitation [Revival] Video Course! 

This all new course is a complete look at the skill of diagnosing, reviving and assuring the health of your training partner [Uki] after a pressure point strike, neurological knockout, or no-touch knockout scenario.

The need for this course is unprecedented! The Kyusho Jitsu I see out in the world, taught by many instructors is both reckless and dangerous because the health of the Uki or training partner is not held in regard!  And it MUST BE! 

It is common place in the Kyusho Jitsu universe to see an Uki free fall, land hard, and then not be properly cared for after the trauma to the body. And yes striking a pressure point is a traumatic event!

In the all new video course Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation I am going to cover every aspect of resuscitation both novice and advanced plus a special bonus of Master level understanding! This is critical information for any martial artists preforming Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts.  You must always be prepared for the possibility, while slim, of something going wrong. This is not only a moral but a legal obligation also. 

When you take my Kyusho Home Study Course you learn the basics of resuscitation. And this is the basics. But most of all this course will expand on this learning and take to a master level in no time. Also if you have previous experience this will also increase your understanding. 

What are you getting? 

What's Included in Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation?

I am going start at the beginning and cover the following

  • Basic Head [brain} resuscitation
  • Advanced Head resuscitation
  • Lung Resuscitation and restart
  • Hyperventilation control of both conscious and unconscious Uki
  • Heart Restart and stabilization 
  • Complete restoration of energy flow
  • Re-balancing of the Diurnal Cycle 
  • No Touch Knockout aftermath - Basic - Advanced - Master
  • Fast diagnosis of the situation
  • And much more!

If you are interested in high level pursuit of Kyusho Jitsu but concerned about the potential consequences of preforming the techniques on people then Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation Video Course for you!

And if you choose there is an option exam and certification which is of great benefit to Kyusho Jitsu Instructors and those considering becoming instructors. However this is not a requirement for this course. I start at the basics and expand to the master levels. 

And the best news you can begin today! 

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