Mastering Hapkido Cane Defense

* Mastering Hapkido Cane Defense

Perhaps the most important tool in self defense today, the cane is like no other. Picking up where my Kyusho/Hapkido Cane Defense Course left off we now look at Mastering Hapkido Cane Defense. It is suggested having completed the first course before coming to this one.

What is this course about? You will learn to take the basic understanding of the cane and integrate this information into your root art.

But even more important!

Today 90 percent of what is taught in a Dojo is sport related, not street related. And there is a major difference between the two! Mastering Hapkido Cane Defense will show you how to defend yourself successfully even if you are a sport fighter! This also makes you ages! Getting better as you grow older. 

In this Course you will learn

1) Stealth skills to take the attacker off guard2) Posture and control of the cane at all times3) Integration of Natural Laws to control the attacker4) Pressure Points to target for maximum results5) Distance control6) Also Dealing with weapons7) Dealing with multiple attacks

And much more!

This is a certification course! It will features myself Grand Master Art Mason as well as Master Philip Welch.. This is a RAW self defense video course!

All proceeds go to my Romanian Dog Rescue.

The course will list for $79.97 on September 25th 2021. 
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