Novice Dim Mak Project Course

* Novice Dim Mak Project Course

Online Video Course!

 Learn about the Legendary 
"Death Touch"

Novice Dim Mak Project Course: 

* Novice Dim Mak Project Course
  • 1
    3 Month Online Certificate Course
    Every 3 days you get a new lesson in the Novice Dim Mak Project Course! This makes learning and study much simpler with your busy schedule!
  • 2
    Learn the Basic Theories 
    In this course I cover in depth a fresh look at the basic theories of Dim Mak. This includes in depth study of the body clock known as the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  • 3
    How the Blood and Chi Systems Work!
    Dim Mak is based on the idea of disrupting the Vascular system of the body as apposed to the neurological systems. This is done by understating the Blood and Chi systems!

About the Grand Master Art Mason

Now I have to tell you right up front I am not a Dim Mak Master! The theories that are part of the Novice Dim Mak Project Course are my own! These are based on 15 years of Kyusho Jitsu study and then filling in the blanks with general information available on the science of Dim Mak.

All this study resulted in the Novice Dim Mak Project Course!

Click here for more bio information on GM Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everybody, See where you fit in!

Who is this for

  • Anyone who loves to learn
  • Open minded martial artists looking for a fresh approach to older knowledge
  • Someone who loves exploring theories
  • Dedicated to personal growth in the martial arts

Who is this not for

  • Egoistical martial artists
  • Someone not open to new concepts and ideas
  • Do not have the time to do the study
  • No martial arts experience

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